Friday, 16 January 2015

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the oldest massage techniques in existence today. These monks handed what they know to their students, who then passed them on to their own students until it spread throughout the east.

Thai massage helps to reduce the individual's stress levels and improve their overall circulation. This is accomplished by the gradual movement of the person through different yoga-like positions. This will enhance the persons' flexibility allowing for a greater range of motion. Thai massage greater range of motion and flexibility reduces muscle stress and strain, and helps to prevent trip and fall accidents.

Muscular Tension

Muscles stay loose days after a session. To achieve this result, the therapist presses knuckles, feet, hands, thumbs and fingers into specific points while holding the participant in a stretch. This combined effort relieves areas of muscular stress and tension. Techniques involve stretching myofascial tissue; acupressure; compression of tissue; and manipulation of soft tissue.

Increased Energy

Thai massage is much more rigorous than Western massage modalities. The stretching and kneading actions produce a relaxed body state, as the rigor of the therapist’s manipulations can leave you feeling much more energized. Passive stretches are particularly thought to bring relief to organs, which results in renewed energy.

Improved Circulation

Thai yoga massage works in a similar way to regular yoga poses. As participants hold a pose, blood slows to targeted areas. When the yogi releases the pose, fresh circulation rushes back into the area. Twisting and inverted Thai massage positions, such as plough, shoulder stand and spinal twist, are particularly effective in refreshing circulation.

Boosted Immune System

A boosted immune system as one of the benefits of Thai massage. Several scientific studies which support the claim that participants can improve their immune systems through Thai massage. By invigorating the nervous system and releasing toxins through improved circulation, Thai massage students may increase their immunity to diseases. Many yoga students and yoga schools also believe that the practice of yoga poses can lead to longevity.


Thai massage induces a feeling of total relaxation within the recipient, thus lowering the stress of daily chores or perhaps a hectic environment. In certain recipients, thus highly positive stress – relief effect might have to go beyond present and penetrate into deep, past emotional scars and help release them.

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